Forest School Week 1 and Week 2

Week 1

We welcomed Holly Class (formerly Beech) back to Forest School, and they quite literally dived straight into activities.

Nearly all the children had a clear idea of what they wanted to do in the session. This group appear to embrace the muddier aspects of forest school and spent large portions of the time throwing themselves down the muddy embankment. New dens created, sticks were scavenged and fastened to branches and the children adapted the dens to make them ‘homely’.

A group of children challenged themselves to climb higher in the tree, one child in particular bravely climbed outwards on a branch but showed incredible balance and control to move around on the tree.

The mud kitchen was used frequently this session with a group of children creating soups and cakes, mixing leaves and stones and drinking water together. It was incredibly messy but incredibly fun.

A group broke away from the forest to play a huge game of tig, involving running between 2 destinations. I was ‘IT’ for most of the games. (I think the children enjoyed seeing me out of breath). This game really caught on and ended up with most of the group playing!

We sat together and enjoyed Brioche round the barely lit fire. The children discussed ideas for next week and chatted to each other about ideas for food. The children voted sausages for next week’s delicacy!

Ideas for next week:

Statues made out of wicker. (Statue of Jacobty), Adapting the mud slide to make changes. More tree climbing and more games like tig.

Here are some photos from Week 1 and Week 2:

Week 2

We started off this damp and rainy session with a huge run around game to get us all warmed up. The children enjoyed the game from the previous week so we all joined in. The children had so much fun they played the game over 3 times.

We collected branches to create a huge statue. Deciding on which branch would make the best limb, we attached each branch using a technique of ‘lashing’ and created a huge 8ft tall statue with leaf torch just like the statue of liberty. We then spent some time thinking through ways in which we could attach it in the air. The children showed great problem solving skills and we managed to fasten our ‘Statue of Jacobty’ to the back fence.

We provided the children with spades, rakes and trowels to make changes to the mud slide. They worked hard together as a team to change areas round so they could slide down quicker, and make it ‘slippier’. The children spent a lot of time transporting the excess mud between the slope and the mud kitchen via a wheelbarrow.

One child came with an outdoor activities book and inspired us to collect leaves of a variety of colours, these leaves were then fastened using twigs to decorate the fire square. This was great fun and surprisingly therapeutic.

We enjoyed hotdogs round the campfire this week. The fire was burning well this week despite the damp conditions that had hindered the first week. Next week will be enjoying the American scouting classic Smores, (Basically toasted marshmallow squashed between chocolate biscuits)

Next week’s ideas:

More statues, willow animals (pig), mud fights, more chase games, more tree climbing, Team dens, mud slide.


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