Forest School Week 3

We started the session with a game of ‘Ape’. Idea of the game is that the children all start from a base and try and make it to another base without getting tigged. It appears to a firm favourite of the group, although it always seems to be me that’s ‘on’.

After running me into the ground, we collected willow stalks which we whittled with potato peelers. The willow stalks were needed to cook the marshmallows later. However some children enjoyed the experience of peeling and carried on doing this for a large part of the session.

Miss Fisher worked tirelessly with a group of children to create a den, looking at design and features. They worked as a team to position heavy branches up the sides. Well done children, hard work but will be very rewarding when the den is completed.

Inspired by the ‘statue of Jacobty’ from the following week, a couple of children used branches to create a free standing ‘willow cow’. The concentration and communication involved was fantastic to see. We have left the cow standing as the children wanted to carry on adding sticks to its frame.

We experienced toasting marshmallows over a fire, this provided us with a great opportunity to practice out songs from our celebration assembly and also our upcoming Nativity. After toasting our marshmallows we squashed them between 2 chocolate biscuits to make a version of the classic campfire treat ‘Smores’.

Shortly after enjoying our treat we held a ‘muddy’ Talent show. It gave most of the children an opportunity to throw themselves into the mud. Some of the break dancing was very unique. Messy but great fun!

Next week’s ideas:

More free standing statues, mud fight, improving the den, more natural artwork We will attempt to make some kind of casserole over the campfire as well.


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