Forest School Week 4

On a very frosty morning, a frantic warm up game and then cooking a stew to warm our bellies was the order of the day.

There was lots of food preparation involved in today’s session, with children using their expert peeling skills to peel carrots, and potatoes. Others used controlled chopping skills to chop onions and the vegetables. Not a single helping hand from the adults and the corned beef hash was on the fire cooking away. Excellent work children!


The children less inclined to help with food preparation, gathered together in the woodland and adapted their dens.

We had a talent show at the end of the session and the children enjoyed talking about their features and even asked if they could have their dinner in there.  Other children showed great confidence to dance and sing to each other on our natural stage.

In-between all that with had chase games, sword fights, digging mud and hopefully next week repairing the holes that they had created.

The corned beef hash went down really well, some children who had confidently announced earlier that “they would never eat that!” ate it.

We had some Australian visitors in the afternoon and the children revelled in the opportunity to explain to them all about Forest School. They sat around the fire square and listened to the children’s experiences and hopefully took with them a thorough understanding of the Forest School ethos ready to take back to Australia.

Next week’s activities:

Chocolate cake with lollies, mud sculptures, wool death star (??) clothe the statue of Jacobty with leaf clothes. Repair holes. etc


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