Forest School Weeks 5 and 6

It’s been a very hectic last few weeks around School as you can imagine, with Nativity’s, Decoration day and Christingles to practise for. So may I apologise for the delay in our weekly write up.

In week 5 we used ropes to create play around the Forest School environment. The children independently attached the ropes where they saw fit, attempting to create swings, tightropes and zip wires for their play.

It’s amazing how something as simple as a rope can enhance children’s play, yet it provided the children with hours of fantastic imaginary play, super conversations between each other and of course lots of fun! Whether they were swinging down the muddy embankment or climbing up the steep hill, the children created the play themselves and encouraged each other to join in.

A group of children used sticks as swords, creating their own rules with which to follow. All children enjoyed chasing each other and attacking each other with sticks (just like the good old days!) Not one single child complained about being hit by the stick, largely down to the fact that each child was fully compliant in deciding the terms and conditions.

We attempted to bake a chocolate cake inside a Dutch oven, an oven that is used outdoors on a campfire for stews etc. The idea is that you heat up the oven first, then put in the ingredients and then put the lid on and start the fire on top off the lid, meaning that the heat would circulate around the oven.

The chocolate cake tasted beautiful in the morning session however in the afternoon I tried to be too clever and added double the ingredients. The cake didn’t cook very well so we enjoyed lollies instead.

Week 6 was a much shortened affair as the class needed to practise for their nativity. We decided to set the children some challenges in order to win prizes. The children had to work as a team to crawl through some cargo netting with a cup of water. If they spilled the water they lost their prize. The children worked fantastically as a group helping each other through the netting, communicating with each other and giving words of encouragement.

The children enjoyed perfecting their tree house, placing planks of wood across branches to act as a platform. Others enjoyed using the mud kitchen utensils to enhance their den play.

Well done Holly Class. I hope you have enjoyed your Forest School experience. Your creative play, creating den’s, statues, artwork and in particular your play with ropes has really helped me to plan for future sessions. See you next year!

Mr Cross


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